URL Rewrites in WCF

I had posted an entry to StackOverflow earlier today.  But I was able to resolve before I got an answer.  When handling URL rewrites in WCF, it’s important to include the trailing forward slash in the URL.  You can this in my example below.


public class FormatModule : IHttpModule
#region IHttpModule Members    
     public void Dispose()    
          throw new NotImplementedException();   
     public void Init(HttpApplication application)    
          application.BeginRequest += new EventHandler(application_BeginRequest);   
     void application_BeginRequest(object sender, EventArgs e)   
          HttpContext context = HttpContext.Current;       
          if (context.Request.RawUrl.Contains(".pox"))             
               context.RewritePath("~/Lab1Service.svc?format=pox", false);        
          else if (context.Request.RawUrl.Contains(".json"))             
               context.RewritePath("~/Lab1Service.svc?format=json", false);   

What I needed to do was to include the trailing slash as seen below.


context.RewritePath("~/Lab1Service.svc/?format=pox", false);
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