Troubles installing Windows Live Essentials 2011

I faced some tough issues trying to install Windows Live Essentials.  Even more so it feels good to blog as I haven’t written an entry in over a month.  I have a lot of good stuff coming in the next few days.  I got an error when executing the wlsetup-web.exe available from the site.  You can also use the offline installer which is available here.

So the error I was getting said Bad Image, something along the lines that c:windowssystem32wer.dll (Windows Error Reporting), had some kind of issue.  This is related to a corrupt DLL. 

I needed to ensure that the “Windows Modules Installer” service was started.  Then I opened up a command prompt as administrator and ran the following cmd.

sfc /scannow

This took a few minutes to run.  Then I was able to launch the installer.  However the installer informed me that I had to uninstaller Windows Live Mesh Beta (2009).  This was rather difficult.  I ran the uninstall several times, but the Live Essentials installer was still complaining that it was installed.  I wound up searching through the entire registry for any key called “Live Mesh” and deleted them.

After this, I was able to successfully install.  A quick reboot and here I am writing this blog entry in Windows Live Writer 2011.

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