Tomato / Lobster Stew (calories 173)

Chop up 12 oz of beefsteak tomato into small cubes
Chop up 3.5 oz of Lobster season lightly with Old Bay

Pour 1 cup of Pacific Vegetable broth into a pan
Pour 1 cup of water into the same pan
Season gently with Basil

Allow mixture to boil
Add in chopped tomato and reduce hit to simmer
Use a potato masher after a few mins to liquify cooked tomatoes
Allow it to cook for a few more mins, and slowly stir in the lobster
Cook for another 2 or 3 mins
Store overnight in a tuperware or eat right away

Healthy Fish Tacos (calories 105)

Grill 3.5oz of Tilapia on George Foreman Grill
Chop up into many small pieces
Coat a non-stick pan in 1 tablespoon of Pacific Vegetable Broth
Cook in vegetable broth for about 3 minutes
Remove a few nice pieces from a lettuce head
Spoon fish into lettuce and roll up tight and eat… enjoy!