breakthrough (brayk’throoh) n. 1 A decisive or dramatic advance, especially in research, knowledge, understand, etc. 2 Mil. An attack that penetrates an enemy’s defensive system into the rear area.

Today on MTV I saw the video for “Go With The Flow” by Queens of the Stone Age. I do like that song very much, it is fairly new on that station. I saw it for the first time this month (April 2003). The video was playing on some sort of Rock Countdown. What got to me was in the bottom right hand corner. A little emblem that said BT, Breakthrough. I assume they were referring to video itself not the music of the video, or maybe it was both. Who decided that video was a breakthrough??



Listen on to see if you care to answer these questions. This is a purely scientifical experiment to decipher whether people are predetermined to feel the need to believe. These ideas [beliefs] being those of other exisential origin. The hypothesis was design by Daniel M. Gershman on Thursday, April 12, 2001. Note: The anniversary of the day I was conceived occurs in approximately 25 hours and 6 minutes.

Do you believe in something?

What makes you believe in that something?

Which do you think has a bigger role; luck or fate?