Have not given it much thought
I’ve simply drawn the words out
The page with filled with emotion
They’re playing in my head

Seems like I been here too many times
Before I could’ve told you
Should have been a notion
I’m playing with me instead

Once more I open myself up
Twice before it was love
This time was different I tell you
Yet stuck with the same old thoughts
same old thoughts
same old thoughts
same old thoughts



Searching for a message

In the face of it

Only finding an empty soul

Full of shit


Get out of your factory

This mechanical world that you’ve built

Open your eyes and realize

You’re the only one you’ve hurt


Shallow, wallow in the sickness of your hate

Follow, me into the darkness of your mind


Picking one for yourself

Can be a fun game

Of course that’s how

You like to tame


Teach yourself to be

More open to the fact that

You’re just like us

You’re nothing fucking special


Shallow, enter the gates of image and lies

I know, that you can’t see past a certain face


Shallow, show me why you think that I need you, we’re through