COM+ subsystem log duplicate suppressing disabling


COM+ will by default disable multiple duplication of log entries.  This it the error message you will receive in the Window Application Event Log


Do the above to enable logs.

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Making a user a Site Collection Administrator in MOSS 2007 via the SQL database


I had inadventenly locked myself out of Sharepoint by removing myself as site administrator. But, because I have access to the SQL database I was able to restore my permissions. First run the following query to find out your tp_ID. (You will have to run this on the correct Content database).

select tp_id, tp_siteadmin, tp_login from userinfo

Find your user name in the query results (you can use a WHERE LIKE clause to simplify this step). Then run the following query to give yourself permissions.

UPDATE userinfo SET tp_siteadmin = 1 WHERE tp_Id = ?


That should give you everything you need.  Log into Sharepoint and you should be a Site Collection Administration